Introduction Of Firm

MY IP FIRM (the “FIRM”) is a patent agency approved for establishment by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China, and a trademark agency approved by and recorded with the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. The FIRM provides agent services including domestic (China) and foreign patent drafting and applications, patent searches, intellectual property right administrative investigations and infringement litigations, trademark investigations, trademark registration applications and evaluations, copyright registrations, computer software registrations, intellectual property right customs protections, patent technology licensing and transfers, protections of new varieties of plants, administrative protections of pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals, and registrations of integrated circuit designs; and offers professional services pertinent to corporate intellectual property right integrated solutions and strategic planning, intellectual property right personnel training, anti-unfair competition protections, and trade secret protections.

The elite team of the FIRM is comprised of a number of IP professionals who are well versed with technological know-how, laws and foreign languages, including patent agents who have worked for internationally famous enterprises in the field of IP innovation for a long period of time, who have filed as inventors over a hundred of applications for invention patent overseas, who have served domestically famous agencies for foreign-related IPs for more than a decade, etc. Major partners of the FIRM have all received in foreign enterprises or law firms professional training relating to practice of IP laws, covering the technical fields of electronic technologies, communications engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, etc. The elite team of the FIRM have all, during their practice, successfully prosecuted, for a great number of domestic and foreign enterprises, a great many patent and trademark applications; handled numerous relatively challenging legal matters such as patent re-examinations, invalidations and administrative litigations, patent infringement litigations and administrative investigations; and gained insightful experience of practice.

The FIRM tailors for every one of our valuable clients one-stop, comprehensive IP services, including pre-consultations and searches, planning and formulation of patent strategic solutions to patent mining and drafting, and agent services for domestic and foreign applications. We escorts the business development of our clients with our professional and outstanding IP services.